Hamilton Bypass – CAW Submission 2013 – April hearing update

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This is an update on Cycle Action Waikato’s Submission to the Hamilton Bypass designation.

We also know the Tamahere community has and still is advocating for safety and access improvements for cyclists and people.

We asked for some wording changes in their documents, added the words ‘improve’ & ‘shared path.’

‘The proposed alterations improve have no impact on existing pedestrian’s and cyclist movements’, and as for the words pedestrian/cycle footpath changed to ‘pedestrian/cycle shared path‘. (We have known of a Highway Engineer that perceives the word ‘footpath’ to mean 1.8m width is adequate, this is what we have on part of the new Ruakura Rd section)

The good news is, there are now references to paths 3m wide:

Hamilton Expressway and Tamahere East West Action item from Directions-Rebuttal and s42A addenda
9A.3 In respect of Alteration Z, the Requiring Authority shall provide the following facilities for pedestrians and cyclists:
(i) A 3m wide shared use path between Bollard Road and Tauwhare Road;
(ii) A 3m wide shared-use path on one side of the Cherry Lane overbridge; and
(iii) A 3m wide shared use path between the Southern Interchange and the city boundary.

The last one on this list is explained as:

9A.6. In respect of Alteration Z, the Requiring Authority shall provide a 3 m wide
shared use pedestrian and cycle path along the western side o Cambridge Road, between the Southern Interchange and Riverlea Road. The path shall be designed to be safe and accessible, and to enable pedestrians and cyclists to transition to existing facilities near Riverlea Road. A two-way shared use pedestrian and cycle path shall
be provided along the western side of the northbound ramp from the Cherry Lane over-bridge to the shared use path on Cambridge Road. Suitable facilities shall be provided to allow pedestrians and cyclists to wait and cross the carriageway between the Cherry Lane overbridge shared use path and the ramp shared use path.

Rebuttal Evidence - A Morton - page 7
We have also asked for a cycle path alongside the new bypass between Cherry Lane and Matangi Road.
The reason for adding Cherry Lane to the Matangi Road pedestrian/cycle shared path is to provide an option for cyclists from the Tamahere area to access Silverdale Road without having to use the Cambridge/Morrinsville roundabout.
06 Hamilton Section - A Pattle - Groundwater - page 64
We have not seen any reference to this, but there is detail of temporary access in the gully for building bridges; this is what we are asking to use for the cycle trail linking Cherry Lane to Matangi Rd.
12 Hamilton Section - R MacMurray - Planning
All this landscaping and temporary roading would be just what a cycle trail can use.
The idea of this being used as a cycleway has been proposed by CAW during the hearings and the person from NZTA did suggest to the commissioners that it was something that could be looked as part of the landscaping plan.

Sorry we are not providing links to any of the documents, as they are spread over lots of large reports which are still being looked at by the commissioners.

2 comments on “Hamilton Bypass – CAW Submission 2013 – April hearing update

  1. For what it’s worth, Waikato District Council is currently building a pedestrian/cycle bridge to the east (just out of the maps above) between Fuchsia lane and Woodcock road. From what I’ve seen it’s just bridging what was meant to be a road link between the two. They might have plans to use this to give access through to Silverdale from Tamahere?

  2. Good news the Tamahere Community are doing great work and lucky people living Fuchsia lane can now be part of the Tamahere community.
    Here they are pushing for the word changes to ensure the cycle walking stuff gets built.

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