Decreasing heavy traffic through the Waikato 2012/13

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Each year Waikato Regional Council reports on transport in the region, this is called – WRC Annual Regional Transport Monitoring Report 2012/13 and the is the web address.

Here’s what it says about changes in motor vehicle movement:

Traffic flows are highly fluctuating between and within the corridors.

And here is what it says about heavy traffic in the map labelled Figure 8 in the report:

Heavy traffic volumes have decreased in the lower Waikato region and along much of State Highway 1.

Waikato Average daily heavy traffic 2011-2012

Actually what Figure 8 shows is that the total amount of heavy traffic travelling through the Waikato appears to be decreasing. If traffic was moving to different routes we should be able to see where it is moving to, on alternative routes between Tauranga and Auckland or routes radiating out of Hamilton to ports or other main centres.

The report does go on to explain where we do have growth

there has been a doubling of daily rail freight movements between Auckland and Tauranga. They have also confirmed that the Auckland to Tauranga rail corridor is one of the best-performing freight routes for KiwiRail at a national level.

Maybe rail is becoming unbeatable for container movements between main centres?


2 comments on “Decreasing heavy traffic through the Waikato 2012/13

  1. So where would a rational government be investing? I guess one captured by the road freight industry would be pouring billions into vast superhighways to try to keep that inefficient industry competitive.


  2. Thanks for your comment Patrick
    Politic is not rational, But campaigning and branding can be predictable. Both blue and red are looking to the same people for votes to get them into power. With this blog we hope to encourage people to look at what is driving change, what is allowing it to happen, what is holding it back and yes what looks like waste.

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