Cycle Lanes

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Video of a cyclist in West Australia daily commute.
All incidents are with the rider in the cycle lane.

I think that it adds to the credence that cyclist and motorist don’t mix well at high speeds.

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4 comments on “Cycle Lanes

  1. Standard day commuting pretty much! Although this only happens to me about once a fortnight thankfully.

  2. I’ve changed my cycle route to remove these pinch points.
    That being said, there are still moments which are truly frightening.

    • I really liked the way the video was shot, made you feel like you were behind the handlebars. Very effective and I felt myself experiencing the same emotions I normally experience in the situation, no doubt ones shared with the guy filming.

  3. This video is just like groundhog day of commuting for me.
    The slip road exits, free turns … they are all death traps.

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