Cycle Helmet article – should wearing a cycle helmet be mandatory under the law?

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Not sure if I agree with the conclusions, but it is important to consider other points of view and research.  “Let’s stop thinking of helmets as a critical protection against the risky activity of biking. Let’s start thinking of biking as a normal, safe activity, like walking — and helmets as an optional accessory for people who are really into it.

After coming off my bike (completely my fault) a couple of weeks ago, and splitting my helmet, yet suffering no head injury, I for one will keep wearing a helmet.

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7 comments on “Cycle Helmet article – should wearing a cycle helmet be mandatory under the law?

  1. I do wear a helmet, will continue to and will encourage others to.
    But at the same time as it protects us from ourselves it also make on road cycling more risky
    “wearing a bicycle helmet led to traffic getting significantly closer when overtaking”

  2. Actually, much as I’d love to believe it (and as common sense as it sounds) the ‘study’ showing motorists pass closer when passing a cyclist wearing a helmet was pretty flawed.

    I think helmets do offer some protection in some kinds of accidents, however, as the article argues, the social costs of the net reduction in numbers cycling more than outweighs this. And if helmets were optional many would continue to wear them.

    So I’m in favour of axing the mandatory all-ages helmet laws in the 3 nations silly enough to have ’em :- NZ, Australia and Saudi Arabia (!)

  3. May be a better Question would be “should helmet laws be reviewed”. Now with the Cycling Safety Panel we should have people that can help separate the opinion from the evidence.
    Cycle Action Waikato lets CAN deal with this here

  4. I have been bowled by cars a few times in my life. The most serious happened while i was wearing a helmet and i am ever so thankful for the protection – the helmet was toast but my head was fine.

  5. I wear a helmet but only because I am forced to share the road with other vehicles. If we had some proper cycle infrastructure in Hamilton, I would not wear a helmet because it would be unnecessary.

    Having said that, I refuse to wear reflective clothing because biking around town is a normal activity, and should be seen that way. Wearing a hi-vis vest or whatever makes you look like you are the danger that cars must avoid. Car, truck and bus drivers need to concentrate and be aware of other road users or get off the road!

  6. Here is an article with some miss reading of data. Trying to say injuries are up without matching it with the increase in cycling. In the comments people put this right.
    Study published in the American Journal of Public Health. What commenters are saying is
    “In cities with bike-share systems, head injuries and injuries of all kinds have gone down’

    Dallas eliminates helmet rule for adult bike riders – Date Jun 12, 2014

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